We're excited to share with you our latest version of FastScout: v4.3.1


When adding Leaders tiles to your scouting report to show a teams top scorers, rebounders, and shooters, you will now have an option to choose between displaying stats for each player they accumulated on their current team, or stats from all teams they've played on that season.

This will be most applicable to leagues where players are sometimes traded between teams mid-season, or when you want to include transfers in your leaders tiles early in the college season.

For example, selecting 'Brooklyn Stats' when creating a scout vs. the Brooklyn Nets will display Mikal Bridges PPG during his games with the Nets:

If you choose the 'All Teams Stats' option, the tile will display Mikal Bridges PPG across the entire 22-23 season, including his games on the Phoenix Suns + Brooklyn Nets.

note, when this 'All Teams Stats' option is selected, you can choose between the pre-defined game splits (Wins, Losses, etc.) but will not be able to create a custom split so that stats can be standardized across teams.

We hope this helps customize these Leaders tables to account for both scenarios when a player is traded mid-season, and when including transfers at the start of the season.