Hey Coaches! We're excited to announce our latest feature that makes it easy for you to add videos from Sportscode directly into your scouting report in FastScout!

Please reach out to your account manager or to support@fastmodelsports.com to ask about accessing this feature!

Step 1: Upload Sportscode Sorter File

  • In your scouting report, click the paperclip icon to attach a file
  • Click Add Video > From Sportscode
  • Select a Sportscode Sorter file from your computer
    • At this time, only Sorter files from Sportscode are supported. Timeline and other file types will be supported soon!

Step 2: Map video clips from Sportscode > tiles in FastScout

  • While the file uploads, you will be prompted to map video clips based on the Group & Label values
    • Group and Label values will display as they are defined in Sportscode
    • You will see the # of video clips associated to each group/label combination
  • Selecting the Label dropdown will show all of the available labels for the group
    • In this example, I see all of the Labels associated to the group 'BREAKDOWN'
  • Next, in the 'Target' column, I will select a tile from my FastScout scouting report to link the video clips to
    • In this example, I'm selecting the personnel tile for #22 Caitlin Clark to link all of the videos to with a label of '22 Caitlin Clark' from Sportscode
  • Repeat this step to link any video clips you wish to your scouting report. After linking a row, it will highlight green

Step 3: Additional Options & Finish Upload

  • Check the 'Merge Videos' checkbox to create 1 single video for each row, instead of multiple video clips
  • Check the 'Include Notes' checkbox to overlay text from Sportscode on top of the video clips
  • Once you have completed mapping your clips and selecting additional options, click SAVE

Step 4: View your videos, share them with your team!

  • Now these video clips are uploaded and available to view!
  • Share scouts via the FastScout mobile appso players and coaches can watch these clips from anywhere!
  • Present the scouting report using Presenter Mode if you're meeting with your team around the big screen

Please reach out to us at support@fastmodelsports.com with any questions or feedback!